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Raja Harish Chandra, the first Indian Marathi movie but there was no sound, yes friend the movie was silent. This Marathi movie was produced in the year of 1913. Ayodhyecha Raha was the first Marathi talkie movie which was released in the year 1932 by prabhat films. In the recent year the popularity of Marathi cinema has grown. Marathi film industry is mainly based in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Marathi cinema is mainly popular in Maharashtra but the people around the world love to watch it and listen it. If we talk about the popularity in India, Marathi cinema is the oldest cinema in India or we can say the movie industry.
Latest Marathi Movies are Guldastanew, Ati Kela Maatit Gelanew, Ideachi Kalpana, Aaghat, Mee Sindhutai Sapkal and Wavatal
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